30 maggio, 2011

MARKERS 8 | "Mapping" During the 54 Venice Biennale

MARKERS 8 - Mapping - Group Exhibition | Contemporary Art.
Exhibition Space: ArtLife for the World Gallery
Artists: Sol LeWitt, Dani Karavan, Dennis Oppenheim, Nancy Spero, Jack Sal, Yechiel Shemi, Caterina Davinio, Joshua Neustein, Yaakov Hefetz,
Margalit Mannor, and others.

Curators and Production: Doron Polak, Amir Cohen, International Artists'
Museum, 972ART, Projective/Artura Agency. Special Thanks to: Dennis
Oppenheim e Nancy Spero.

The title "Mapping" deals with a topic usually associated with cartography -
creating maps, or the term from mathematics that deals with functions. The
map is a compilation of agreed upon symbols that describe ideas - a flat and
schematically small description of the surface of the Earth. In the past,
map making was thought of as a secretive art carried out by specialists. The
term in mathematics denotes a function that pairs a variable from one group
with a variable in another group. It describes the dependency of variables,
a borrowed characterization in the fields of science or economics. Maps also
exist in different fields - anatomy maps, maps of terms, etc. The artists
participating in this exhibition have mapped their personal or social
experiences - stories from their lives and culture to which they belong. A
book summarizing the different stages of the Markers Project (2001 - 2011)
will be published and will also contain the art works of the current
WHERE: ArtLife for the World Gallery | Cannaregio 6021 Venezia 30121 (Rialto Bridge)
WHEN: June 1 - July 30, 2011.
Info: Tel: 041 5209723 |  Time: 10.00 AM - 07.30 PM
Opening: June 1st at 06:00 PM