08 dicembre, 2010



Changes and tendencies in cinema and arts, from electronic to digital through world wide web, are discussed in a International Conference – to be hold in Palladium Theatre, Rome, from 9th to 11th of December 2010. A valuable occasion to be informed on less conventional languages and on art's new frontiers: focusing on the theme of energy at global level, from videoart to science, to climatic change.

Cinema & Energy – this the Conference's title, is organized by the Department Communication and Spectacle of the University of Roma Tre, directed by Giorgio De Vincenti.

To face the theme of energy – says Giorgio De Vincenti, curator of the event with Marco Maria Gazzano means to summon sophisticated and various competences in different fields of knowledge, that usually don't dialogue with each other, and to wait, from this encounter, for directions for a national and global governance to match up with the world's problems.

From the tribute to Gianni Toti and his VideoPoemOpere linked to the sight on the scientific imaginary, to the performer and filmmaker Amy Greenfield from New York, going through the teknoartist Giacomo Verde, the photographer and critic Robert Haller from New York, the English physic Mark Buchanan and the astrophisic Paolo De Bernardis, the Swiss sociologist Dirk Helbing and the Brazilian epistemologist Francisco Ortega; these are just some of the influential voices (from University, but also Eutelsat or Slow Food International)of international artists and scientists that will dialogue with each other in this occasion.

Particular attention will be given to environmental problems, with images and accounts from the 2010 UN Climate Change Conference that is held in the same days in Cancùn, Mexico, and from last Global Summits on people's rights and the rights of "Mother Earth". Among the accounts from Institutions, sociologists, economists, also one from the author of the no-global manifesto Naomi Klein.

In the foyer of Palladium Theatre, in advance, during all the conference, an exhibition of works by the most interesting international videoratists named Video Art and Interpretations of Light as Matter, edited by Marco Maria Gazzano, with works by: Adriana Amodei (Switzerland), Robert Cahen (France), Alba D'Urbano (Germany), Ed Emshwiller (USA), Ida Gerosa (Italy), Olga Lucia Hurtado (Colombia), Theo Eshetu, (UK/Italy), David Larcher (UK), Federica Marangoni (Italy), Nam June Paik (Korea/USA), Fabrizio Plessi (Italy), Carlo Quartucci (Italy), Mario Sasso (Italy), Lino Strangis (Italy), Marianne Strapatsakis (Greece), i Vasulka (USA) and an experimental 3D television set.

The whole conference will be transmitted in real time on the website www.dicospe.com

The Department Communication and Spectacle of Roma Tre is a point of reference in international cultural debate from more than 16 years. Moreover, the Di.Co.Spe. publishes books and magazines, and produces quality films, admitted in the most important International Cinema Festivals such as Cannes and Venice. Between the most famous cooperation, that with MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome), with whom it has realized the Macro Video Drink – one of most successful events in the Roman summer.

Cinema & Energy is promoted by Direzione Cinema – MiBAC, Regione Lazio and the Rettorato of the University of Roma Tre, with the participation of Eutelsat.