03 maggio, 2016

Uncanny irl - Prélude à Vision'R Festival - 4 mai Petit Bain

//////////////////////////// UNHEIMLICH ///////////////////////////////////
Uncanny, + IRL = prélude Vision'R #11
@ Petit-Bain 
4-05-2016 : 19h30>01h

BCK (матрёшки)
Robin Kobrynski (Combustion)
From Ashes. To Dust. and Beyond. with Ueno (Vermilion sands)
Unglee Izi with Elizabeth Saint Jalmes (untitled)
DJ Sascii aka Sylvie Astié (DJ set)


7 Port de la Gare 75013 Paris
/ M°Quai de la Gare
- 8/10 euros.

//////////////////////////////////// PRGM ////////////////////////////////////////

////////////////// BCK //////////////////
BCK searches to develop a sonic space, whose structure emerges and gradualy stabilizes, according to the interferences and interactions of waves that clash, add up and neutralize mutually.


////////////////// Robin Kobrynski / Combustion //////////////////
Combustion is a singular performance using electricity as the main source for the generation of sound and image.
Combustion is anti music and anti graphics, seeking the primitive core in visual and audio to extract only the essence of these sensory experiences.
Combustion is a constant research on the impact of image and sound in a synchronized informs narration, as a sort of a blast lost in space.

////////////////// From Ashes. To Dust. and Beyond. w/ Ueno / Vermilion Sands //////////////////
Vermillion Sands is an audiovisual performance extracted from the EP From Ashes. To Dust. and Beyond, in collaboration with Ueno

////////////////// Unglee Izi w/ Elizabeth Saint-Jalmes //////////////////
Unglee proposes a free interpretation of the télévisual codes by Elza, retransmitted live.

////////////////// DJ Sascii aka Sylvie Astié //////////////////
on a possible mix  softcellpatriccataniyellowmagicorchestrasnowyredaavikocabaretvoltairedmxkrewelli&jacnoinfec-ticideautechrescorpionviolentegratuitnerosdayatdisneylandprurientgazormasssidabitballruedes- gardesmalakoffadultcaptainahabceephaxacidkrewlegoweltfelixkubinabsolutebodycontrolsoftcell.

//////////////////////////// UNCANNY ////////////////////////////////////////

Uncanny® is an online edition dedicated to traditional, avant-garde and contemporary electronic music. Platform / storefront developed by composer Gil Savoy and imaged by the studio imagenumerique™. Founded in 2015 and based in France, this independent music edition offers artists an easy, contemporary way to release and also to go out and promote virtual musical objects. By offering free album downloads to users and with it's dedicated soundcloud platform.